1977 the year the first personal computer was demonstrated to the world,also the year i introduced myself digitally to planet earth i came in analog and switched to digital halfway through birth!I do not really exist as i am a social experiment that defaulted on memory shortage in the meantime catch my messages via spam and viruses thats smartly camouflaged behind the name Rushay




New Truesight studio session with Epic. Track produced by Definition Baroque (me).

Much love dude!

Check out some more music with Epic on “Reverbnation.com/scriptwriter”


Gold Mining In Ghana: Libations and a Father's Wisdom


Checking out records as the sun rises over downtown Kumasi.

Lion and I have learned to respect the outside forces of the supernatural and their influence on our record hunting. We have “seen” it for ourselves all too clearly.

Let me explain.

A few months ago, we ran over an old lady.